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Comparative Analysis a Few Good Men Essay - 1591 Words

Comparative Analysis: A Few Good Men â€Å"You dont need a patch on your arm to have honor.† Lt. Daniel Kaffee, portrayed by Tom Cruise, says at the end of the movie to Lance Cpl. Dawson after the final ruling is read, stating PFC. Downy and Lance Cpl. Dawson are innocent but are dishonorably discharged from the military. A Few Good Men portrays the negative impact on military personally from strict obedience. Lt. Daniel Kaffee, along with Lt. Cdr. JoAnne Galloway and Lt. Sam Weinberg; played by Demi Moore and Kevin Pollack, must defend PFC. Downy and Lance Cpl. Dawson from being charge of committing a Code Red. However, Lt. Kaffee believes that PFC. Downy and Lance Cpl. Dawson committed the ‘Code Red’, but because it was a direct order†¦show more content†¦However, the ‘teachers’ did not know that the ‘student’ was not receiving and shocks but merely acting. (Milgram 358-270) In the Zimbardo’s The Stanford Prison Experiment; however, the ‘guards’ and ‘prisoners’ were placed in the same facility and were face to face on a daily basis unlike the Milgram experiment. The ‘guards’ would tell the ‘prisoners’ jokingly to do something, however the ‘prisoners’ would do what they were commanded to do to try to hang on to their identity. (Zimbardo 393) By the end of the experiment most ‘prisoners’ showed increased stress levels in the ‘prisoners’ within days, some ‘prisoners’ could not handle the stress induced and had to be released early. The ‘guards’ were equally changed do to the scenario they were put in. One journal of the ‘guards’ showed how a passive person became a person shoving food down another person’s mouth and locking them up in solitary confinement (Zimbardo 389-399). The role of obedience is extremely prevalent in the movie A Few Good Men, such as it was demonstrated in The Perils of Obedience and The Stanford Prison Experiment. In the move a Few Good Men the theme of obedience is prevalent and most commonly repeated in the movie. This movie was released in December 11, 1992 and directed by Rob Reiner, and also staring Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, Tom Cruise, Kevin Bacon, and Kevin Pollack. Lt. DanielShow MoreRelatedEssay on Comparative Analysis of A Few Good Men1371 Words   |  6 PagesThe motion picture A Few Good Men challenges the question of why Marines obey their superiors’ orders without hesitation. The film illustrates a story about two Marines, Lance Corporal Harold W. Dawson and Private First Class Louden Downey charged for the murder of Private First Class William T. Santiago. Lieutenant Daniel Kaffee, who is known to be lackadaisical and originally considers offering a plea bargain in order to curtail Dawson’s and Downe y’s sentence, finds himself fighting for the freedomRead MoreSteinhouse Knitting Mills1083 Words   |  5 Pages1988 , sales had been declining steadily. Evidence: 1988 sales-$ 7.5million; 1993-$3.5 million; 1998-$2.7million. Situation Analysis A Environment 1.Low-wage developing countries with an abundant supply of labour provide tough competition to Canada. 2Growing popularity of the ‘ big and tall size’. 3 Trend to ‘dressing down’ or ‘ casual days’ 4 The weather over last few years has hurt business.( Winters were warm) 5 Fashion business usually changes fast. 6 The low value of Canadian dollar relativeRead MoreMarketing Analysis : The Cotton On The Largest Clothing Group Of Australia And New Zealand Essay1418 Words   |  6 PagesCotton On’s product offering includes women’s wear, menswear and accessories as well as elevated apparel range CO by itself. (cottononfoundation, 2015) Part A Product Portfolio Analysis: Product portfolio is a study of a particular product by which a company see its market performance. This management involves an analysis of consumer behaviour to determine how to expand with new products and how you can improve profitability by removing products with low performance or losing money. To manage theRead MoreComparable Worth714 Words   |  3 PagesIntroduction: The debate in this study is that of whether or not to use comparable worth as the basis for future pay adjustments. Comparable worth, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is the concept that women and men should receive equal pay for jobs calling for comparable skill and responsibility or that is of comparable worth to the employer. To further expand on this, the term comparable worth describes the idea that gender biased jobs should be reanalyzed to determine their worth to an employerRead MoreCritical Analysis of Plato and Aristotle1634 Words   |  7 PagesA TERM PAPER ON POL 311 (HISTORY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT) TOPIC A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF PLATO AND ARISTOTLES POLITICAL THOUGHT WRITTEN BY OKWOR, STEPHEN USHIE 09/ED/EF/814 DEPT OF EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATIONS (POLITICAL SCIENCE UNIT) FACULTY OF EDUCATION SUBMITTED TO DR. EJERE DEPT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE AND PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCE UNIVERSITY OF UYO, UYO AKWA IBOM STATE MAY, 2012 A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF PLATO AND ARISTOTLES POLITICAL THOUGHT In order to compare these greatRead MoreThe Perils Of Obedience By Milgram And The Stanford Prison Experiment1207 Words   |  5 Pagesat prisoners was commonplace, compelling many prisoners to appear insane. The driving force for immoral obedience is contributed to several factors: As seen in the film A Few Good Men by director Rob Reiner, when obedience causing harm undergoes interrogation, these factors attempt to find who or what to blame. In A Few Good Men, Lance Cpl. Harold Dawson and Pfc. Louden Downey commit a Code Red: an act of realigning an out-of-line marine. Subsequently, the implicit command results in the accidentalRead MoreFactors Promoting Higher Divorce Rates Essay1062 Words   |  5 Pagestoday’s marries, sooner or later, will separate. And it also portends, that if we do not make radical changes to our behavior, in less than another 100 years we will certainly have a once a year Wed-day or perhaps a National Wed-Holiday day-off. By then few people will wed and none will walk down the actual aisle. One fact liable for the radical rise in divorce rate is the selfishness of today’s couples. The newest generations do not profess the: if I make you happy, in return you may make me happy,Read MoreMarketing Analysis : Products And Services1616 Words   |  7 PagesRun’s family in 2011. The company launched its unique custom-made running shoes service in 2012 and customers could personalize the colors or even knit theirs name on the shoes. In future, Easy Run plans to offer sports apparels and equipment. The comparative advantages of Easy Run originated in its continuous investment in Research Development, customer satisfaction and American manufacturing. The company’s research work focuses on the study of human movements and responses to the environment, empoweringRead MoreThe Theological Plain Of Christianity1017 Words   |  5 Pageswhat Christ accomplished on the cross that makes salvation possible. The summation of these will direct the course to what the extent of the atonement asserts, perhaps the major crux or delineation within the Protestant church. Indeed, [t]here are few doctrines which have received such a wide and variegated interpretation as the extent of the atonement, to the point that it becomes so burdened with abstruse terminology that it can be utterly unintelligible, even to those who ostensibly promulgateRead MoreFeminism : A Feminist Perspective1505 Words   |  7 Pageswith men and a high valuation of women as equal human beings both theoretically a nd practically. Feminism is both a way of thinking about the world and a way of acting in it ( Diana 58). Feminism in Politics History has proven that women were not involved in any way in the making or conduction of any politically based decisions or action. More recently, there is a change in this perspective. Currently, the society accepts women in decision making and an incorporation of women in the analysis of government

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Women s Unpaid Labor By Susan M. Shaw And Janet Lee s Women

In the quite hours of early morning my mother rises out of bed, as she has done every morning for the past twenty-two years. She quietly begins her long day by making tea and cooking breakfast. Before the day ends, my mother would have cooked several meals, cleaned several times and worked a full time job. My mother’s daily routine is not unique and has historically been done by women for centuries. Even today, women are supposed to do it all, have a family, and take care of the house/children and work full-time. Women who are in the workforce are unpaid and the work they do at home is viewed as inferior. They often deal with sexism and racism in the workplace. Changes in law and our thought process need to occur to create and an equitable system of work for all women. Women’s unpaid labor in maintains a systems of oppression in many ways. In Susan M. Shaw and Janet Lee’s Women’s Voices Feminist Visions unpaid labor done by many women is, â€Å"undervalued as women’s formal productive paid labor in the workforce is prioritized† (Shaw Lee, 2015, 471). Shaw and Lee are saying that women work at home is devalued because it is viewed as informal and as work that is done out of love or is natural work. Since the work being done is viewed as natural work, it further reinforces gender stereotypes by stating that women are supposed to do the household work which is deemed more as feminine. This thought process follows patriarchal thinking, where women are expected to do theShow MoreRelatedStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesMarketing: Patrice Lumumba Jones Senior Marketing Manager: Nikki Ayana Jones Senior Managing Edit or: Judy Leale Production Project Manager: Becca Groves Senior Operations Supervisor: Arnold Vila Operations Specialist: Cathleen Petersen Senior Art Director: Janet Slowik Art Director: Kenny Beck Text and Cover Designer: Wanda Espana OB Poll Graphics: Electra Graphics Cover Art: honey comb and a bee working / Shutterstock / LilKar Sr. Media Project Manager, Editorial: Denise Vaughn Media Project Manager, Production:Read MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 PagesCongress Subject Headings: Principles and Application, Fourth Edition Lois Mai Chan Developing Library and Information Center Collections, Fifth Edition G. Edward Evans and Margaret Zarnosky Saponaro Metadata and Its Impact on Libraries Sheila S. Intner, Susan S. Lazinger, and Jean Weihs Organizing Audiovisual and Electronic Resources for Access: A Cataloging Guide, Second Edition Ingrid Hsieh-Yee Introduction to Cataloging and Classification, Tenth Edition Arlene G. Taylor LIbRaRy and InfoRMaTIonRead MoreManaging Information Technology (7th Edition)239873 Words   |  960 Pagesand permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrieval system, or transmission in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or likewise. To obtain permission(s) to use material from this work, please submit a written request to Pearson Education, Inc., Permissions Department, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458. Many of the designations by manufacturers and sellers to distinguish their

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Vaccines For Children Program Programs - 1522 Words

Vaccines for Children Program Beccca Hamilton The Ohio State University Vaccines for Children Program The importance of vaccines for children has a large impact on healthcare and my future practice. Therefore knowing what programs are available is critical to increasing the vaccine rates. Over the decades, there have been devastating consequences resulting from preventable communicable diseases as well as programs and strategies to assist in increasing the immunization rates. This paper will explain and critique the program called â€Å"Vaccines For Children†. This paper will also include how I will adapt this program in my future pediatric practice. The history of the Vaccines for Children program was a result of the 1989 measles epidemic in the United States. This epidemic resulted in tens of thousands of cases of measles and hundreds of deaths (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). As the Centers for Disease and Prevention investigated this epidemic it was discovered that greater half of the children who had measles had not been vaccinated. In response to that epidemic, â€Å"Congress passed the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) on August 10, 1993, creating the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program† (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). This program became operational October 1, 1994. How the program works is, the Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program helps provide vaccines to children who cannot afford them, are uninsured, inadequatelyShow MoreRelatedImmunization Program And Its Effect On Children1107 Words   |  5 Pagessophisticated medical technology, and healthier lifestyles. Moreover, development of vaccines for numerous infectious diseases and implementation of immunization program in early childhood have reduced number of infectious disease such as rubella, polio, and small pox. Public health effort in providing vaccination to public has contributed greatly in diminishing the number of infectious disease. Hence, vaccination program of measles has been effective and less than 150 cases were reported annually (ThompsonRead MoreImmunization Provides Direct And Effective Protection Against Preventable Diseases Essay1438 Words   |  6 Pagesthe most cost effective public health interventions. Vaccines are preventing 2-3 million deaths due to diphtheria, pe rtussis(whooping cough) tetanus and measles worldwide. WHO launched the Expanded Immunization Program (EPI) in 1974 against 6 vaccine preventable diseases (VPDs) namely, diphtheria, polio, tuberculosis, pertussis, measles and tetanus. Government of India introduced EPI in 1978, which was later changed to Universal Immunization Program (UIP) in 1985. In reality, the aim with which UIPRead MoreA Parent Immunizations For A Child1270 Words   |  6 Pagestheir children without a second thought, while some struggle with if the positives outweigh the negatives, negatives sometimes being serious side effects, and sadly there are some parents that simply cannot afford to vaccinate their children or do not have the necessary resources. There are many communities worldwide that do not use immunizations, due to religious reasons or a lack of resources. (Miller, 2006) These communities see many negative health complications due to people and children notRead MoreMandatory Vaccination Program For Children1379 Words   |  6 Pagesmandatory vaccination program for children. A mandatory vaccination program is needed in Alberta as it would not only reduce the number of infections caused by various diseases, but it would also force parents to vaccinate their children, keeping their children and the people around their children safe from inf ection. A chief of medical disease states that, â€Å"several studies showed that states or districts that allow philosophical exemptions to mandated vaccines have higher rates of vaccine preventable diseases†Read MoreParents And Children Should Not Have Vaccinations1330 Words   |  6 PagesSome critics believe parents and children should not have vaccinations. There’s still a debate going on because the medical community does not agree. Healthcare professionals believes everyone should be vaccinated and it is very important. They believe vaccinations protect you when traveling, prevent childhood illnesses, it’s painless, and you take it once and you are protected for life (Pros and Cons, 2015). These diseases from other countries can be brought back into the United States and causeRead MoreThe Australia Program ( Iap ) Is Run By The Australian National Immunisation Rates By Funding Free Vaccination Programs1053 Words   |  5 PagesThe Immunise Australia Program (IAP) is run by the Australian Government and aims to increase national immunisation rates by funding free vaccination programs, administering the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register and communicating information about immunisation to the general public and health professionals. The program is complicated and is delivered through Federal, State and other agencies. The IAP follows the WHO Global Vaccine Action Plan 2011-2020 which encourages countries to ‘demonstrateRead MoreThe United Nations Children s Fund ( Unicef ) And The World Health Organization1447 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction In 2006, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) 1 published the report, Pneumonia: The forgotten killer of children which identified pneumonia as one of the world’s leading causes of childhood mortality accounting for one in five under-five deaths. The fourth Millennium Development Goal (MDG) from the 2000 summit is to reduce under-five mortality rate by two-thirds by 20151. With its significant contribution to under-five mortality, reductionRead MorePros And Cons Of Vaccination1665 Words   |  7 PagesVaccinations, Worth A Shot! Mandated Vaccinations are a huge argument right now because of health and disease issues. There are people on both sides of this argument. Some people are against vaccinating their children because they feel they are being forced to have their child get vaccinated. While some people feel the need that vaccinations are important to protect themselves from any illness or diseases. Vaccinations should be mandatory for all schools and health care purposes. For one, peopleRead MoreThe Invention Of The First Smallpox Vaccine1604 Words   |  7 PagesEver since the invention of the first smallpox vaccine more than two centuries ago, there has been plenty of discussion over the morality, ethics, effectiveness, and safety of vaccination and immunization. It has recently been argued whether laws should be introduced that make some or all vaccines mandatory for all children (Salmon 47). Parents, health care specialists, nurses, teachers and children all have an important stake in this issue. Parents argue that it is they who should have the ultimateRead MorePreventing The Influenza Virus Within School Aged Children1214 Words   |  5 PagesVIRUS 1 PREVENTING THE FLU IN SCHOOL 6 Preventing the Influenza Virus in School-aged Children Tracy Bell Community College of Baltimore County Children rely on the decisions that are made by responsible individuals in their lives including parents, caretakers, and other authorities such as teachers. Because children depend on others so heavily, health issues that affect children such as contracting the influenza virus or the flu should be discussed with the adults in their

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Environmental Health and Safety Management System free essay sample

Policies which safeguard Schools must develop a range of policies which ensure the safety, security, and well-being of their pupils. These will set out the responsibilities of staff and the procedures that they must follow. Policies may be separate or incorporated into one health and safety policy, but they must include sections which cover the following issues of: safeguarding and protecting, and procedures for reporting e-safety bullying, including cyber-bullying All adults within the school have a responsibility to safeguard the welfare of children. There must also be a named member of staff with particular responsibilities for safeguarding children and for e-safety.Schools have a responsibility to:†¢ develop children’s awareness and their knowledge of what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior, including when using the Internet†¢ know, support and protect children who are identified as being at greater risk – that is, on the ‘at risk register’†¢ provide opportunities for professional training of all staff relating to Safeguarding†¢ put into place policies and security systems for e-learning activities, for example, provide training for children and use filtering software†¢ observe for signs that abuse may be happening, changes in children’s behavior or failure to thrive, and refer any concerns†¢ monitor, keep records and share appropriate information with other agencies. We will write a custom essay sample on Environmental Health and Safety Management System or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The Department for Education (DfE) provides guidance for local authorities including schools. Schools use this guidance to develop their own policy and procedures which must be followed. Two of these are listed below.Working Together to Safeguard ChildrenThis is guidance which sets out the duties of organizations and how they must work together to safeguard children and young people. What to do if you’re worried that a child is being abusedThis is guidance to help those working with children safeguard and promote their welfare. It also looks at the actions which all adults working with children should take if they are concerned.Children Act 1989 Parents and professionals must work to ensure the safety of the child. Local Authority has ‘a duty to investigate when there is a reasonable cause to suspect that a child suspect that a child is suffering or likely to suffer significant harm.The Education Act 2002 This sets out the responsibilities of Local Education Authorities (LEAs), Governing bodies, head teachers and all those working in schools to ensure that children are safe and free from harm.Children Act 2004/2006 This provides the legal framework for Every Child Matters. It includes the requirement for Services to work more closely, forming an integrated service.

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The Australia Post †Case Study

Executive Summary There are many organizations that have been able to stand the test of time in business. This enables them to remain strong and competitive in business. One such organization is Australia Post. This paper presents a comprehensive case study of Australia Post. The paper concentrates on change aspects in the organization that have enabled it to remain strong in the competitive mail delivery industry within Australia.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on The Australia Post – Case Study specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The paper is divided in several parts. The background part of the paper gives the general overview of the organization. The introduction part of the paper introduces the general organization. This part goes further to narrow on change that has occurred within the organization. It gives a transition into the main body of the paper. This presents a deep look into how change is being i ntroduced and implemented by Australia Post. The main body analyses the major strategic change initiatives that have been taking place in the Australia Post. In addition, the way these change initiatives have helped the corporation to position itself within the industry is analysed. There are several changes that are noted and analysed under this section. They include partnerships that the company has entered into, adoption of information technology in its functions, and the integration of e-commerce in diversifying the organisation’s operations. The other change initiative analysed is how the corporation is working on improving the delivery of its labour force. A number of recommendations are crafted at the end of the paper. These could serve as a basis for future development initiatives by the corporation. Background Information The Australia Post is state owned agency in Australia. The name Australia Post is the brand name of the Australia Postal Corporation. It operates i n the Australia mail dispatch industry. This is one of the oldest agencies under the Australia Public sector and which has been operating since the early 1800s. Since then, it has managed to undergo transformation in order to cope with the changing business environment. The agency deals with the delivery of a wide range of mails in the country. Also, the company has been expanding its business operations, which now include electronic mail delivery services and the distribution of electronic mail services (Herr and Herr, 2011). Introduction Australia Post is operating in an industry that is very competitive. The competition arises from active firms in the industry including TNT, DHL and FedEx. The company has undergone transformation that has greatly contributed to its success. Most of the changes have been aimed at broadening and diversifying the range of service delivery by the company. The company’s operations are focused on various aspects.Advertising Looking for repo rt on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More One of the areas of focus is letters. It also focuses on parcels and logistics services among other areas. The firm has expanded its operations, which are now discharged via various subsidiaries and joint ventures (Brimson, 2008). Overview of the organizational structure of the Australia Post The Australia Post has an elaborate system of corporate governance that is stipulated in the way it spreads and discharges organizational responsibilities. The organization has various administrative hierarchies eminent in the administrative bodies running the company. These include the shareholder ministers and the board that has two administrative committees. However, it is evident that there is little hierarchy in the organization due to the little number of administrative organs. This denotes reduced centralization in the organization which is a precursor to faster communication an d discharge of duties for improved performance of the corporation (Financial Review, 2012; Australia Post, n. d). Many organizations are working on de-bureaucratization as a means of pacing up work and delivering best results. Australian Post has little bureaucracy that is contrary to many other government agencies. This is the reason why the corporation has managed to position itself in the industry which has many private and competitive firms (Palmer, 2007). The overall administrative body of the company is the board which is led by a chairman and deputy chairman. There are nine directors who form the board of the Company. Out of the nine directors, eight of them serve as nonexecutive members. The only executive member who sits on the board is the managing director who is also the chief executive officer of the corporation. The board is the overall decision making organ of the organization. It deliberates on the strategies of the companies before either approving or disapproving t hem (Australia Post Website, 2012). The second powerful organ of the Australia Post is the executive committee, which is chaired by the chief executive officer of the company. This committee is composed of executives heading different operational sections of the company. They are the main strategists of the organization. The committee meets to deliberate on the strategies of the company and then forwards their recommendations to the board, which further deliberates on them and makes the final recommendations. Each operational section of the company is headed by the general, chief executive officers who are directly accountable to the chief executive office of the company. The chief executive officer of the company is answerable and accountable to the organization’s board (Australia Post Website, 2012).Advertising We will write a custom report sample on The Australia Post – Case Study specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The board is the chief accounting body to the shareholders of the company. It sets the objectives of the company and lays down the strategies to help in meeting the objectives. Planning is done on a three year basis. The board prepares and rolls out its corporate plan after every three months. The plan is closely monitored as it continues to be implemented. A progress report is prepared quarterly and forms a basis on which the plan is streamlined. There are two main board committees for the organization: the human resources committee and the audit and risk committee. The audit and risk committee concentrates on handling matter to do with finance, accounting, auditing and risk control for the organization. The human resources committee concentrates on the matter to do with the employees of the corporation. These include the formulation and deliberation on human resource policies, remuneration and structural issues. The formulation of different administrative units in the organizatio n helps in the deliberation of different issues in the organization (Australia Post Website, 2012). The organization has many employees working on both permanent and temporary basis. By end of the year 2011, the organization had 23,369 permanent employees and over 10, 000 non permanent employees (Australia Post Website, 2012). Operating as a government agency and utilizing the government resources, the Australia Post has undergone tremendous strategic changes that have helped to position the company in the industry. This has enabled it to become self sustainable in the sense that it funds its own operations and makes profits (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, 2006). This has enabled the company to have the widest coverage and clientele in Australia which surpasses the clientele of the private competitors by far. This is a great achievement for an agency of the government that offers services at subsidized rates. From simple delivery of parcels and mails, the Australia Post now deals in a wide range of business activities that make the company match the prevailing demand for services. Financial and banking services have been fully incorporate into the operations of the company. Also, direct marketing functions and database management operations have been fully adopted and are being discharged by the company. Logistical and fulfillment functions are also among the operations of the company. All these denote huge growth and the aspect of business adaptability by the company. The company has had a strong transformational growth curve that has been prompted by the strategic changes that have been implemented by it (Australia Post, n. d).Advertising Looking for report on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Notable strategic, organizational development and change in the Australia Post In the year 2009, the National Archives of Australia joined hands with Australia Post in developing the Records Authority. This set the requirements and guidelines for either keeping or destruction of records in the core areas of operation. These areas include commercial operations, customer relations, corporate governance, collection management, mail operations, external relations, stamp management and post fleet and logistics management and strategic management. Under this deal, the National Archive of Australia was to commit to understanding, creating and managing the records on behalf of Australia Post. This eased activities for Australia Post as it gave the company the permission for the destruction, retention, and even the transferring of records to the National Archives of Australia. The authority assesses the records and sets timelines of the retention period for the records. The assessment report is the basis on which Australia Post disposes records that are no longer in need. This has improved record management by Australia Post. Therefore, this has positively impacted on the general, administrative practice of the company. Important information is sorted and safeguarded for future reference (Australian Government and National Archives of Australia, 2009). Areas of focus for the company as it enters into the future Bryan (2005) noted that futuristic prospects are important for any company that has a vision, and which intends to have sustainable growth. The future prospects of growth are based on the present developments and the opportunities that are imminent in the industry. So far, it can be argued that the organization has done well in capturing a number of opportunities that are prevailing in the business environment in which it exists (Australia Post, 2009). The company needs to work on broadening of its market and business shares in certain business segments which lo ok more promising. These include the banking and the financial services sector. More customers are found here, and the company can attract if it deeply ventures into offering these diversified services. Strengthening the market share in the delivery of express mail is another can further enhance the performance of the company (Australia Post Website, n. d). The prospective areas of growth for the Australia Post lie in the improvement and upgrading the way they deliver their services. Improvement of service delivery systems is one of the most effective ways through which an organization can improve its performances. Effective organizational change often originates from within the organization. Internal change strengthens the internal systems thus fastening the quality of services that are delivered by a company. One way of improving efficiency in the organization is by strengthening of automated systems to enhance the speed and efficiency of delivering services to customers. Automate d systems are faster and result into a cut overhead costs that emanate from the use of analog systems of delivering services to customers. Automation can be a precursor to attaining one-stop shopping services. This is in respect to the range of services that the company is offering (Waddell, Cummings and Worley, 2011). Organizational transformation using Information Technology Child and McGrath (2001) observe that information technology is the key too that is being used by organizations to transform their services and improve the performance. The Australia Post is one of the organizations that have realized the essence of employing information technology in service improvement. The program to use information technology in improving service delivery was fully initiated in the year 2006. This was to serve as part of a retrenchment program that was supposed to relieve the inefficient staffs by replacing them with IT systems controlled by few employees (Tay, 2012). As of today, the orga nization has approximately 1000 IT staffs. However, the overhead costs of the organization have not significantly dropped as was expected. This is because the organization has been forced to retain most of the staffs by reassigning them to other tasks within the organization. Sizable progress has already been made in improving the service delivery using IT systems in the company. In addition, significant progress is projected to come from the projects being initiated. More positive outcomes from IT projects are expected as the company continues to embrace it. The overhead costs or operation costs are often higher in the initial stages of application or use of IT in the organization. It takes quite a long time to realize the full benefits of information technology use in business. The introduction of technology into the operations of an organization is a whole business process and a big step in organizational change (Hutchinson, 2011). One of the major information technology projects that are being implemented by the corporation is the offering of digital mailboxes to their customers. This mailbox is expected to enhance timely and fast delivery of mails to customers. This digital service is aimed to foster secure access to mails by customers. Physical mails will be availed digitally to customers in a single location on the web. Therefore, there will be no need for multiple password and login details as has been the case. A single secure channel will be used by customers to access their bills, notices as well as other statements. The corporation has in the recent times been capitalizing on e-commerce. This has been aimed at expanding the company’s business range of products. This has also aimed at improving service delivery to customers hence raising profits for the company. The corporation has already begun implementing its plan to venture in online marketing business. The company has already opened over 30 superstores in the country (Chillibreeze, 2012) . Online marketing was seen as an opportunity by the corporation due to a substantive increase in the number of online shoppers in Australia. The new superstores are well furnished with diversified services in the offing to attract a significant number of customers. The stores have 24-hour shopping zones with parcel lockers, vending merchandises and self-service terminals. Also, postal services will be accessed in these stores. Online services will be available to allow for online product research by the customer and ordering of the products (Stafford, 2012). Present in the stores are also Australian Post Automated Teller Machines and the American Express currency exchange. This is a well planned venture especially in this modern business era. In this era, one stop shopping is becoming a business trend that is enormously applauded by customers. This venture is helping the company in exploring many business opportunities that are present both in the industry and outside the industry. Child and McGrath (2001) noted that the major goals of change strategies of organizations are to identify, learn, and capture new opportunities that exist in the business environment. The Australian can be considered as a business development benchmark for many government-owned corporations in Australia and the entire globe (Chillibreeze, 2012). Australian post has launched a renewal program dubbed â€Å"future ready†. This is a business development program that aims to propel the company into the future. It is meant to help the organization to focus and position its operations in accordance to the prevailing and expected changes in the industry and market. It is vital for companies to plan into the future because the business environment presents both opportunities and challenges (Dunford, Palmer, Benveniste and Crawford, 2007). The initiation of the program was done three years ago to aid the organization to become more customer-centered and by effect more sustainable. One of the main divers in the program is the embracing of digitalization of operations due to availability and importance of information technology. Physical operations have been the modalities of working for the company for a long period of operation. They are seen as having inconveniences and prevented the corporation from reaching and serving more customers as they as they are slow and inefficient. The program focuses on strategic units of operation in the corporation which are retail services, postal services, e-services and express distribution services (Australia Post Website, 2010). Collaborations and partnerships are founded ways in which firms breach obstacles and enhance the development of business projects. Australia Post has not working solely particularly on projects do with the adoption of information technology systems in service delivery. As a component of strategic development, the firm has signed a strategic working partnership with Telstra concerning the use of IT ne tworks and mailboxes. This agreement was signed in January this year and was meant to enhance the sharing of network in discharging services to customers of both companies: Australia Post and Telstra. The channels of provision of information to customers are being enhanced as the partnership is streamlined. This will be more beneficial to the company as the customers continue to realize improvement in service delivery of the company (Australia Post Website, 2012). The labor problem The major problem that has been hindering change in the organization is the problem of labor. The company has been having many cash-in-workers who are often blamed for poor service delivery. This is coupled with the earlier mentioned problem of hardship in replacing the underperforming employees even amidst the introduction of information technology systems. However, negotiations between the corporation and the union representatives representing the employees of the organization have been in progress. Ear ly this year, the union recommended that the casual workers be replaced with more qualified staffs who will be employed on a permanent basis by the corporation. This has been thought to be a positive step which will help eliminate inconsistencies in service delivery to customers by the corporation. As the company works on the modality of implementing the recommendations, it remains with one major challenge. The casual employees form a reasonably large percentage of the staffs of the organization. Therefore, it is difficult for the organization to lay them off (Ham, 2012). Conclusion Australia Post is a state owned company that has been in operation for almost a century. This can be cited as one of the best performing government agencies, not only in Australia, but also on the global scene. It can serve as a benchmark of how government agencies ought to embrace change and operate for profits. The corporation operates under a limited bureaucratic structure. Therefore, it has been easy for Australia Post to effect change that has helped the company deliver good services to its customers. This has also helped the company in improving its services and remaining competitive in the industry. Recommendations The effectiveness of change and improvement in an organization is dependent on a number of things within the organization. One of them is the organizational structure of the organization. Therefore, it will be important for Australia Post to continue embracing de-bureaucratization of operations. The company has to enhance its human resource practices. This will help it get employees who are modern and competent enough to handle the tasks. Embracing modern human resource practices can help Australia Post to solve the labor problem. Strategic partnerships are also important for a company that aims to expand its operations. Australia Post can develop business partnerships with like minded companies especially in the IT sector. This will help it in upgrading and usin g information technology while hastening the delivery of services to its customers. E-commerce seems to be promising for the corporation. Therefore, the company is likely to increase and diversify its operations by investing heavily in e-commerce related investments. This includes venturing significantly in the e-marketing business that has been initiated. Reference List Australia Post 2009, Getting Future Ready. Australia Post n. d., The Strength Within. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission 2006, Assessing cross-subsidy in Australia Post, An ACCC report. Australia Post Website 2012, Australia Post and Telstra sign strategic partnership on Digital Mailbox and IT network. Web. Australia Post Website 2012, Corporate governance. Web. Australia Post Website 2010, Future Ready – Australia Post’s business renewal program. Australia Post Website, n. d., Banking and identity. Web. Australian Government and National Archives of Australia, 2009, Records Authority â₠¬â€œ Australia Post. 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Postal Service: Foreign Posts’ Strategies Could Inform U. S. Postal Services Efforts to Modernize, Diane Publishing Company, Washington D. C. Hutchinson, J 2011, Australia Post eyes billion-dollar e-commerce, IT News for Australian Business. Palmer, I 2007, ‘New organizational forms: towards a generative dialogue’, Organization Studies, vol. 28, no. 12, pp. 1829†1847. Stafford, S 2012, Australia Post losing $70 million a year on international pricing structure. Tay, L 2012, Lessons from Australia Post’s IT â€Å"transformation†. This report on The Australia Post – Case Study was written and submitted by user M1racle to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Robert F. Kennedy

Robert F. Kennedy was almost involved in the first presidential election to have two brothers, at different period in time, elected president of the U.S. Ever since the Kennedy brothers were little their father, Joseph P. Kennedy, taught them to only concentrate on the political campaigns. The Kennedy family's only concern was politics nothing else mattered more. Robert was the next president to be elected until he was murdered in June of 1968. Robert F. Kennedy was born in the family home in Brookline, Massachusetts, on November 20, 1925 (Harrison and Terris 3). He was Rose (Fitzgerald) and Joseph P. Kennedy's seventh child; the third born after four girls. Bobby's ancestors were Irish (4). The decade was named the Roaring Twenties - a time of relative prosperity in the USA. Bobby was only a toddler in 1927 when his father escorted the family on board a private railroad car and traveled to the Riverdale section of the Bronx, New York, where he had bought a new home. It was a twenty-room mansion with a gracious old elm tree on a six-acre lot with a cottage for the chauffeur and gardener. Shortly after the move he bought vacation homes in Hyannisport, Massachusetts, and in Palm Beach, Florida (5). Bobby's favorite family residence was in Hyannisport. This was the place he considered home, no matter where he was (7). Bobby's older brothers were his heroes. Joe Jr. and Jack taught Bobby to sail and to play fo!otball, but try as he might to imitate their athletic grace and ease, in most matters he fell short (Klaber and Melanson 50). In November 1944, Bobby reported to the navy V-12 unit at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, for specialized officer training with the U.S. Navy, but the became bored and restless (10). On February 1, 1946, Bobby was assigned to duty on the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., a 2,200-ton destroyer named in honor of his brother (12). At twenty-two years old Bobby graduated from Harvard University. He ...

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(Can the writer help me decide) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

(Can the writer help me decide) - Essay Example In â€Å"Bad Weather: Planetary Crisis,† Masco (2010) studies the development of and competition between two kinds of planetary crises- the nuclear war and climate change. The security state is linked to the concept of the planetary crisis because, on the one hand, it uses the latter when it advances the former’s development and growth in reach and control; on the other hand, it disregards the latter if it contradicts or hinders its ends. Ironically, another important link is that the security state, in its desire to control planetary crises, is only creating more of them, which can potentially lead to new planetary crises with long-term negative impacts on living things and the biosphere. The security state exploits the planetary crisis for its own gains and disregards it if it hinders its overarching goal of a â€Å"U.S.-centric world† (Masco 2014: 1). The security state uses the planetary crisis if it can be a platform for greater control over and outside its national boundaries. Masco (2014) explains that the first kinds of planetary crises that were of interest to the security state were usually threats to national security, such as the Cold War and national and global terrorists. He argues that the state uses these threats to magnify imagined horrific futures, in order to generate fear and terror that could justify what Cheney (2001) called as the â€Å"new normalcy† (qtd. in Masco 2014: 8). This new normalcy refers to the public’s acceptance of the state’s ever increasing incursions on civil rights and freedoms. These are changes that have â€Å"institutional, technological, and affective levels, reordering domestic politics and geo politics in a startlingly economical gesture† (Masco 2014: 8). They include scientific studies that expand military technology, covert operations that collect intelligence about national and other